Documenting – Venice

Venice was all about a residency/workshop for Jewish Book Week 2019 designed for translators and writers to produce material that worked coherently in the respective dual languages themed on identity. Guests from Germany, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and the England attended. Meeting a rabbi and curator and learning about different aspects of Jewish history is something that resonated with me from my own cultural melting pot. It was an intense time for all the people involving being organised into pairs to work together and then for a group discussion. Theme was identity so not a light subject area but something to really consider in depth and again close to my own journey of discovery. Along this residency we learned about each other’s background and cultural identity how things differ and coincide. Interacting with all these writers treading softly whilst discussions were formed and extracting the candid out of each candidate was where my door of entry began. The main organisers from England whom I was liaising with for instruction were Sarah Gluckstein, Claudia Rubenstein and Sarah Fairbairn. They were truly accommodating characters and I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to have documented the activity of this nature for the team.

Residency/Workshop Jewish Book Week Venice 2019
Sarah Gluckstein and Claudia Rubenstein, from Jewish Book Week in Venice 2019
Jewish Museum of Venice, all the buildings in this square stood crooked and proud
Separate spaces for each pair to work on their translation with their writer
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