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Timisoara, Romania

The next place ventured was Timisoara, Romania. Sunny, friendly and welcoming. We had to overnight close to the airport before travelling on to this vibrant city. It was my first visit and it really was an exhilarating experience. Anna and I came for the literature festival of which she was part of and I was happy to document the journey. All the participants and organisers were fun. Meeting people from a number of different countries from Europe and China. Just wow. These poets have rather a lot of their work published and translated into other languages and the exercise of street poetry and in public spaces was interesting as it involved coordination and interpretation by locals in different sport disciplines e.g boxers performed to the poems being read aloud, dancers, gymnasts, fellow actors and bikers, yes you read correctly…bikers.

When on event shoots I tend to stick to the style that I enjoy which is street. One lens and one main camera and a back for that just in case one fails moments (luckily there were no fails). Here are just a few shots from this awesome adventure showing some of the poets, translators and organisers and feeling so grateful for having gone to this buzzing city and shooting a fantastic group of people …

Anna pointing to the participants in the residency
Bikers on the square
Saying goodbye to new friends was hard…
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