Stretch Gallery, Margate 2019

Visual Interpretation of T.S Eliot’s The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock

To and Fro, The Archive, Ramsgate – Part of the 541 every last Friday of the month… Visual Interpretation of Poetry by Anna Blasiak from our upcoming book.

The latest exhibition was an art installation featuring a new way of presenting work from my upcoming book in collaboration with my partner Anna Blasiak. It was an audio visual exploration of our work and we had a minimal amount of time to set up , showed for two hours only in a quirky space close to the Royal Harbour in Ramsgate.

R.I.P Mono Theme at McGillan and Woodell Gallery, Ramsgate

New Kent Art Gallery, BIG Up Thanet

A little bit of news about the upcoming book…

My work as a collaborative artist with Anna Blasiak was showcased throughout the month of February 2019 at
Brixton Library, Brixton, London, England was been extended

The photos and poems featured at Brixton Library, London are from Kawiarnia przy St. James’s Wrena w porze lunchu (“Cafe by Wren’s St. James’s at lunchtime” forthcoming from K.I.T. Stowarzyszenie Żywych Poetów, 2019 and Holland House Books), poetry by Anna Blasiak and photography from Lisa Kalloo as a collaborative effort.

Lisa and Anna are partners, both in life and — more and more often — in their creative endeavours. Sometimes the starting point for their projects is photography, but in this case it all started with the poems. The oldest pieces were written nearly 20 years ago and the photographic response to them was created over the period of the last two years.

I would like to thank all the organisers for all my exhibitions…THANK YOU!

Links to Anna’s poetry and many other translations  and work

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