This is how I do things…

Methods of finding the narrative

What I do import into my body of work comes mostly from philosophy and literature but I pay close attention to my dreams which seem to guide me. Being an avid reader and explorer of metaphysics has broadened my personal perspective and it is something that I am incorporating more and more.

George Torode, events photographer says of my work:

“…I really like the way you bridge fine art and doc…”

Take Ramsgate, England…

This is my hometown.

Lucky me as I live right by the coast, close to nature, woods and a generally buzzing environment that at times feels like it is straight out of a Lynch movie.

From the very beginning of the lockdown I confined myself to my house. From my front room window I began documenting a number of themes based on the perception of freedom, street photography and around the house. This will be updated to show you the little things I notice…more can be found on my Instagram feed. If you see anything you like please feel free to contact me for prices of prints.
Currently I am only taking orders from England and delivery to verified addresses in England.

Thank you so much for your visit to my site.

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