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Guessing you are here because you, like myself are interested in documentary type photography. Travelling to different places outside of your home and meeting, talking and finding stories from people in various locations, in their home or out on the street for example. For me, storytelling through imagery is my way of communicating to the outside world. The world outside my woman cave a.k.a. my attic space. Sometimes this involves using the opportunity to document an event or literally going out on the street to find the meat for the bones of my craft.

What do I get out of taking images of people in a studio or out there in some part of the world? This is something that despite reading a number of books find haven’t found a definitive answer from texts on photography. What is applied comes from philosophy and applying from within. So it is a constant search and and find approach which helps me to develop and hone my practice. An impressionssion that is better expressed in an image or a set of images. Taking myself out of my own headspace and and focusing of what is in front of me. In short, what I perceive to be the quintessence of being(s).

George Torode, events photographer says of my work:

“…I really like the way you bridge fine art and doc…”

Take Ramsgate, England…

This is my hometown. A hometown you say? Yes, the place of ones’ birth, early life or present fixed residence .

Lucky me as I live right by the coast, close to nature, woods and a generally buzzing environment that at times feels like it is straight out of a Lynch movie.

From the very beginning of the lockdown due to the COVID-19 Virus, I confined myself to my house. From my front room window I began documenting a number of themes based on the perception of freedom, street photography and around the house. More can be found on my Instagram feed. If you see anything you like, treat yourself. Contact me and we can arrange the size of print, framing and delivery. Currently I am only taking orders from England and delivery to an address based in England via Paypal. Stay safe art lovers…

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