About Lisa

Studied law. Moved away from it. Rejected materialistic ambitions. Swayed towards creative pursuits.
Coming from a British Indo Caribbean background felt the importance in exploring as many cultures as possible as Lisa’s own cultural heritage was undefined save for her holidays to Trinidad to see her mother’s family. For Lisa her life identifying as both a Brahmin and someone of other mixed family ideologies has led her to explore as much as she can through reading, meeting and photographing people to help her better understand herself and the world around her.

Born in London.
Raised in Basingstoke.
Studied in Wolverhampton.
Living in Ramsgate.

“I am that other category that has no direct tick box on public surveys, so I have sought purpose when I create an image of someone to make that person feel special. Because every person and every click behind my lens counts.”

She takes a mindful approach to life containing elements of stillness, compassion and empathy and applies them to photography combining Eastern philosophies she learnt as a child and into adulthood.

She sells a few limited edition prints. Takes part in select exhibitions and installations. Lends herself more to illustrations for books and small companies. She runs a very small photography workshop teaching the basics of photography with the aim of getting her students to intuit. On occasion will shoot portraiture but only of individuals and on a case by case basis.

People are her hobby. In small quantities. Street photography sees her out there usually dressed as a shadow but in her element.

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