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lisa Kalloo



Lisa Kalloo is an art photographer with some experience in other areas of photography (magazines, book covers, events and traditional photography). Despite all this she keeps going back to experimental photography. She explores different angles, gestures, old lenses, new lenses, old cameras, new cameras, digital, analogue and mixed media. She loves the freedom that experimental photography affords. She feels that exploring photography as a medium enables her to better express the language of her world.

She exhibited her work in London, Ramsgate, Broadstairs (including Turner Contemporary The Open and the Creative Isle Community) and in Offenbach, Germany. Also worked in Poland, Venice and Romania.

She was Highly Commended by the Ambit Magazine. 

She has published a book, Café by Wren’s St James-in-the-Fields, Lunchtime (out in the UK and Poland, with Anna Błasiak’s poetry; Holland House Books, 2020).

Her photography was also published in The Queer Riveter magazine. She regularly contributes to Poetry Travels, the photography and poetry in translation column with European Literature Network.

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