<![CDATA[Photography of Landscapes and People in Europe and the UK - Blog]]>Fri, 24 May 2019 19:51:07 +0000Weebly<![CDATA[A few thoughts...]]>Wed, 14 Nov 2018 22:15:05 GMThttp://lisakalloophotography.co.uk/blog/a-few-thoughts There are so many forms of photography that it would take at least a year to go through them all.

In a studio many things are set up for the right conditions to the photographer's needs. For example where the work is heavily biased towards product shots there will be dedicated lenses for macro work, the lighting rig will be different than for fashion shoots or traditional photography (diiffusers, light tents or not), tripods versus soft boxes for models.

Street photography is reliant on natural light or where flash is involved it's minimal unless you're a budding Bob Gilden whose style I am sure must have earned him a few interesting reactions.

It wasn't until leaving London that I revisited the idea of using photography as a means of self-expression.   trying to understand where I fit. I explored a number of realms of visual art with a mind to finding my zone - product shots, portraiture, landscape and street. I explored different movements expressionism, abstract, surrealism, appropriation, architecture, impressionism, conceptualism, realism, hyperrealism...I discarded images en masse in order to find the thing that satisfied me the most. 

For me, I guess the closest I can come to defining it is that what I do is a sort environmental expressionism. Is that even a thing? How do you view your photography? Do you have a specific genre?